Mia's Bathhouse for Pets introduced "state-of-the-art" self service coin/card operated Evolution Self Serve Dog Wash Machines to the Bradhurst/Hamilton Heights neighborhood of Harlem NYC in 2014.

For $15, your canine friend can be washed, conditioned, rinsed and dried in a matter of minutes.  

Imagine never having to deal with the hassle and mess of washing your dog in the bathtub or kitchen sink and pay a fraction of what it costs to take them to the groomers!  Save time & money by using our professional supplies and spa products, as well as our full-sized washing/drying stations to ensure that your pooch is putting its best paw forward at all times.

  • Handheld spray nozzle, attached to a flexible hose, that sprays temperature controlled water.
  • Lightweight, nylon collar to restrain your dog in the tub which leaves your HANDS FREE to do the bathing.
  • Two towels, a brush and a plastic apron (for the owner).
  • Dryer that works so quietly, even the most skittish dogs are not frightened
  • Tubs and the surrounding areas are meticulously cleaned and disinfected between baths.

Mia's Bathhouse for Pets was inspired by the proprietor, LaChena Clark's, family dog, Mia, who passed away December 2013.  
She was a rescue toy poodle who was found abandoned on a horse track.  
Helping care for others dogs is Mia's legacy.